About me

Bild mit Steinen

My name is Christoph Kurian Koller and I live and work with my family since several years in the eastern part of Styria

Due to my roots the indian and western culture accompanies me since a long periode of time. The work of my family has been affected through the ayurvedean philosophie and woke up very soon my interest.

I learned the traditional indian massage in Kerala(Punarvana-Ayurveda Hospital Indien) and I got excellent experience and knowledge during the training I passed by methode Dr. Rhyner. After I passed my basic training for being a message therapist, i worked in several rehab- and wellness centers to improve my knowledge.

The classical (european) therapie stays now in the center of my work. I'm working since 8 years as a massage therapist, and it's a great pleasure for me to help and support people on their way back to health.

Christoph Kurian Koller